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Discover the new superpower that will allow you to Boost the Results you see on your business - even with the same number of visitors to your site.

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Say it the way you see it in your head.

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Your brand's voice: captured and conveyed to your ideal customers in a way that provokes action WITHOUT overpromising

See Samples of My Past Projects

Emails & Newsletters

Their Attention - Right From The Subject Line

NICHE: Affiliate Marketing

There are 3 samples inside this document

They're from an email sequence I wrote for a business that targets new affiliate marketers.

NICHE: SaaS (& Affiliates)

There are 3 samples inside this document

These are from a sequence of emails (retainer) that I wrote for this business.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Articles & Blog Posts

Be Indispensable.

Customer Service In The Health Space - Course

I wrote a course for this client for nurses and customer service agents in the health space.


Best credit cards for young adults

This was for a top-notch client in the financial space (non-disclosure agreed).

"Impact of Engineering Accidents" - Blogpost

This sample was written for a client in the engineering space for academic purposes.

Video Sales Letters & Presentations

Get Your Point Across Quickly: No Confusion Necessary


HeavyBuzz - The Webinar

This startup needed a webinar script to introduce its target audience to an innovative concept.

Webinar For Beginner Real Estate Investors

My client, Steve, is a Real Estate coach and consultant.

The "COLD To SOLD" Webinar

Here's a snippet of a webinar script I wrote for the client's new course.



Let Your Copy Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Whether you need to pique their interest, get them off the fence, or build engagement, the words you choose WILL influence the results you see.

These businesses trusted me to find the right words to POWER UP their businesses.